Fitness Fun at Your Des Moines Apartment Home

Basketball Court-Des Moines WA Apartments

It’s game night, and you can’t wait to get home to watch the action with your significant other and some snacks. Have you been spending a few too many evenings in front of the television watching sports rather than participating in some games?

Watching March Madness is an activity that millions of Americans do every day, but how many people actually go out and enjoy the sport on a real basketball court? It’s far more common for Americans to watch sports than to play sports, especially as adults after school teams aren’t an option anymore.

When you choose to live at Saddlebrook Apartments in Des Moines, you have many options for getting active within the community with our excellent exterior amenities, as well as around town in beautiful Des Moines, Washington. Here are a few ways you can get fit and have fun at your Saddlebrook apartment.

Enjoy the Apartment Amenities at Saddlebrook

Your residency at Saddlebrook comes with many welcome amenities like carports for safe car storage, a complimentary tanning studio, and available garages. The grounds are immaculately maintained, and the gardenlike atmosphere makes it easy to enjoy getting outdoors at Saddlebrook.

One of the popular features at Saddlebrook is our basketball court and play area. It’s fun to watch March Madness with friends, but it’s even more fun to get together with those friends and head out to play on the basketball court. Enjoy a sunny weekend with your family or friends with some outside play instead of sitting indoors on your days off in front of the television.

Outdoor Pool-Des Moines ApartmentsYou can also choose to head to our seasonal outdoor pool for some laps and the outdoor Jacuzzi for some recovery time afterward. You’ll love the beautiful landscaping and trees that surround the pool, and you might form a healthy habit of swimming each day during the warm months of the year.

When the weather won’t cooperate and puts the basketball court and swimming pool out of commission, you can head indoors to the community wellness center. Our apartment community also has a playground, so the kids will never run out of things to do, either.

Enjoying the Outdoors Around Des Moines Apartments

The town of Des Moines also offers a variety of fun, outdoor activities that you might try if you’d like to spend some time away from your apartment. Local businesses include a mini golf and skating center, a Go-Kart track, and a giant 10,000 square foot trampoline room. You can also visit an observatory, join a painting event, or take ice skating lessons.

Saltwater State Park-Des Moines Apartments Neighborhood OutdoorIf you’re willing to drive a short distance, there are also some ideal recreational activities in nearby communities, as well as places to stay overnight for a “weekender” or a short trip. Towns like Crystal Mountain, Quinault, and Seattle all have ample places to stay for active vacations.

Locally, you may also wish to visit Saltwater State Park or travel the Des Moines Creek Trail during a nice day. Saltwater State Park is a great place for families and is a beautiful place to have lunch. There’s a little beach for strolling, and a safe and inviting campground for overnight stays.

The Des Moines Creek Trail is a nice place to go if you’d like to get out for a run or a jog along a beautiful, paved path. It’s just a few miles, but there are some benches along the path that you can sit down on during your journey. If you’re already a resident of the Pacific Northwest, you know that you have a million beautiful places to visit, but as a Des Moines resident, you don’t have to travel very far to see the beauty in Washington.

Take a Tour of Saddlebrook Apartments in Washington

If you’re searching for a beautiful new apartment, you’ll want to put Des Moines as the first stop on your list. With our ample areas for outdoor relaxation and enjoyment, you can adopt a healthy, fit lifestyle that will help you enjoy every day. Get in touch with our leasing staff today for a tour.